Hi! My name is Larry McKenzie.  I am so glad that you found my site.
Please let me tell you about myself and why I am confident I can help you.

I logged into the Internet for the first time in 1993.  My life changed that day.  My career changed from traditional marketing to learning everything that I could about this amazing space.  My timing was great as that is when HTML was first developed (the primary language that websites are built with).

I worked and managed two ISPs (Internet service providers) where I learned web design and combined it with my marketing experience.

During the past 27+ years, I have worked part-time and full-time as an online consultant.  My experience includes working with start-up companies up to multi-million dollar companies. I specialize in website design, SEO, marketing, social media management, and most aspects of being online.

Many people may recognize me as “Larry from Halloweenforum.com”. I received millions of unique visitors per Halloween season. I used my online and offline marketing experience to make it a profitable hobby.

In the past few years, I have expanded my experience with back-end setup and customization of e-commerce including Shopify(I am a Shopify Partner), and Amazon.

I can do quick one-page sites or complicated ones. I can be very resourceful in finding solutions to issues. I can follow detailed instructions to make happy clients.  I am happy to coach you if you are new to this.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.
You can send a message here:  Contact Larry